Friday, January 1, 2016

IN 2016, I just want to be HAPPY.

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  1. Yesterday, a pastor was treavelling in his car. He saw an old man walking beside the road and he parked and carry the man. Suddenly, the old man asked the pastor and said, do know what happened in heaven yesterday? The pastor was so fritning and asked the old man, said,are dreaming,how can you know what is happen in heaven? The old my reaplied, said,listen, God is so angry with the mankind,He called the angels to blow the trumpet,then the angels picked up their trumpet to blow it,Jesus went dawn on his knee pleading God for mankind second chance. That God should remember His death on the cross of calvary and the blood that He shared for mankind. That God should not let it go in vain, and God said He is giving mankind the last chance. Jesus quickly aproached the angels to go into world and tell this message to the world. The old man said he is the one the angel,then the old man disapear.
    Now am also delvering the message to you all, please safe your life from the power of fire in hell. Jesus is coming back. The time is at hand. Dont delay your salvation. I have done my own part and God should bear me the witness that i deliver this message to you.
    You too can save lifes by broadcast the message. The life you safe today can lead to heaven tomorrow. Safe lives now.
    The bible says, let he that think that he stand,let he take heed let he fall. It also says,only the pure in heart will see Jesus,those that their garment glowing in purity.