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  1. stand next to me,stand tall to se,life around or achiver of minds."giant in midst among us" @-)

  2. When a man cries for woman,it does not mean,he is sheaping.

    When a man can not move to another woman,it does not mean, he is stuborn.

    When a man is always depress and moody,it does not mean, he is a looser.

    When a man is crazy about a woman,it does not mean, he is insane.

    The truth is, he can't just love another woman the he loves the first one.

  3. Heavy heart is like heavy cloud,they need to left with some water to feel relief.

  4. I donn't know hw discreb it, it's too gret

  5. olivia is mine all mine see me about something ill fight for what I move and believe in+